Education in Journalism (English taught)

This universally situated program trains understudies from differing parts of the world to end up writers, with inside and out scholarly learning in the field of Journalism Studies displayed by news coverage scientists and escalated preparing by experienced columnists, offering a strong establishment in the abilities that are expected to prevail in news coverage today.

Hypothetical Journalism Studies courses empower understudies to ponder the idea of news coverage as a calling and invigorate basic reasoning about the eventual fate of news detailing. You will consider how news-casting society and improvements in globalization, citizenship, governmental issues and advanced news-casting interrelate while figuring out how to apply suitable research techniques and hypotheses in observational scholastic research concentrated on understanding the field of news coverage.

The English-encouraged Master’s track in Journalism takes 18 months and has an examination heap of 90 ECTS. In the initial two semesters, understudies will take scholastic courses and practice news coverage aptitudes. Amid the third and keep going semester understudies chip away at their lord’s theory. They additionally take a second research workshop or complete an entry level position with a new association.

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