Journalism Career Review

Journalism offers the opportunity to spread important information to a wide audience, whilst building a strong and broad network. However the industry is shrinking, so we recommend only pursuing it whilst keeping other options open.


  • Can spread important information to a large audience and shape public debate and opinion.
  •  Potential to promote effective causes and neglected concerns.
  •  Build a strong and broad network of contacts, which is useful both for advocacy and as a backup for entry to other careers.
  • A possibility of freelance work, which offers flexible hours and the possibility of remote work.


  •  Shrinking industry due to an ongoing shift to digital journalism.
  •  Often takes a long time to get a paid position to do a high level of competition.
  •  Low salaries, especially at the start of your career.
  •  Fast pace with constant deadlines and long hours.
Career Path

Writers give an account of news through the media to give dependable data and investigation to general society. Numerous columnists begin off as section level journalists who mostly need to adhere to the realities when composing stories and don’t get the opportunity to include much assessment or examination. Some advancement to jobs in which there is more opportunity to include assessment, a point of view and increasingly complex investigation, for example, editorialists who compose sentiment pieces and reporters who spread different areas far off from their primary working environment (for example the White House) while including their point of view the news. Senior jobs are for the most part as editors or makers, who co-ordinate crafted by different columnists. There are likewise independent writers, who normally compose as journalists and observers on zones they have mastery in, and they regularly work low maintenance nearby different occupations.

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