Most Effective Skincare Tips For Summer

Now that winter is behind us, and we are in the middle of making our wardrobe transition from scarves to strappies, its time to make sure that our skin gets the special summer treatment it needs and deserves. Of course regardless of weather, we usually have issues related to our skin that needs to be addressed, but now that the sun is out and we are ready to bare it all, here are some handy tips to make sure that your skin is ready to shine.

o Every 30 days, our skin is in a constant state of renewal. We shed and rejuvenate. And ensuring that our skin is in always in a constant state of fabulousness means making sure that exfoliation is a steady part of our skin care regime. Using various exfoliating treatments, including masks and the ever-trusty loofah gets the job done. Gentle scrubbing is always a good thing. You’ll feel clean and refreshed.

o By far one of the most effective skincare tools for summer; a good body lotion that moisturizes and is made up of all natural ingredients is a must! Not only is it a nice compliment to your sun kissed skin but it’ll help you avoid the drying, flaking and even itching that can happen to the best of us when we’re out frolicking in the sun or splashing about in the water.

o When you are out frolicking on the beach (with your SPF-naturally), there is good a chance of causing your pigment to go on overdrive. The result is hyperpigmentation which can come across as sunspots on your skin. The sun kissed look is always alluring, however there are natural ways to treat the sunspots, which to some can be more than what was bargained for; limit your sun exposure to the peak hours (usually from 10am to 4pm), and up the SPF level on your sun block. Use a natural skincare product that is designed to lighten dark spots safely.

o Prevent rashes the right way. Yes we have all been there, getting annoying rashes on your skin because of the summer heat. Make sure that you keep all of your body parts clean and dry. Wear loose fitting clothing to help your skin breathe and make sure that wherever your skin folds, (like in between your toes, thighs or even breasts!) you keep the area clean and free of any debris like sand.

o Drink lemonade! Not only does drinking a cool glass of lemon juice cool you down but it also one of the most effective skincare tricks you can use too for cooling the inner layers of your skin. And of course, avoid caffeine and hard drinks, drinking plenty of “fluids” should almost always mean water. Make H2O your best friend.

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